PCS Strings & Piano Program at CCES

Students enrolled at CCES can take piano, violin, viola, or cello lessons on the campus of Christ Church Episcopal School. Most students take private music lessons, but we do offer beginning group strings lessons as well.

Music Lessons at school that offer:

• Lessons on these instruments: Piano, Violin, Viola, or Cello
• Convenience:
Lessons at school with scheduling during the day or after school, including during Late Stay
• Great Teachers:
Talented, caring, music teachers dedicated to developing each student’s unique musical abilities and individual interests
• More than Just Lessons:
Performance opportunities, judging events, the Practice Space app, and an exclusive awards program keep each student motivated to practice, make progress, and excel
• Connection:
Close communication from the lesson to home keeps everyone pulling together and on the same page
• Motivation & Success:
A program that goes beyond the weekly lessons to create an experience that leads to a deep love of music and a skill for a lifetime

Contact the Piano Central Studios office at 864-232-5010 for information about scheduling lessons at school for your child. Students in any grade and at any level of musical experience can enroll!

Violin on piano keyboard
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