Level 4: 4s and 5s Music Classes in Greenville, SC

In Level 4

you will…

… thrill at how your child’s joy and delight in music-making grows even deeper as they master musical terms, read and compose music, work happily together in ensembles and on teams, and learn to play the glockenspiel – all while gaining confidence in using their own unique instrument – their singing voice. 

Your budding young musician will eagerly look forward to each weekly class as creative movement, musical games, listening activities, and multi-instrument ensembles are creatively combined with music fundamentals for the perfect, pressure-free preparation for piano, violin, or voice classes later.  Underneath the fun and games, we have a lot of serious, but joyful learning taking place – learning that is laying a rich foundation of musical understanding and skill.

young girl playing xylophone

Discover the huge boost that Kindermusik for the Young Child will give your child!

In Level 4, be amazed as your child:

• Learns to read and compose music

• Begins to master musical terms

Enjoys advanced ensemble activities and musical games

Discovers the instruments of the orchestra

Learns to play the glockenspiel

Thrives with the best foundation for music lessons

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