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Instruments & Supplies

A good quality instrument and a few other essentials make a big difference in the success and progress of your music lessons! We recommend visiting one of our Preferred Partners for PCS student specials. If you have any questions about any of these supplies, feel free to contact our office at 232-5010 or speak with your teacher.

Our Preferred Partners

Piano Central offers high-quality pianos and keyboards at affordable prices, with both new and used instruments available for purchase or rent. The showroom is in the same building as our Pleasantburg Drive Music Studio (map). Ask for Dick or Clint and be sure to mention that you are a PCS student!

Phone: 864-232-5164

If you need to purchase, lease, or rent an instrument, we recommend Musical Innovations. Musical Innovations offers some of the best products, plans, and prices on musical instruments in South Carolina. Check out Musical Innovations (map) musical instrument plans.

Phone: 864-286-8742

Our Recommended Music Lesson Supplies

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