Level 5: 5s, 6s, and 7s Music Classes in Greenville, SC

In Level 5

you are sure to…

… take pride in your child’s budding self-confidence, love of singing, and expanded musical abilities as they enjoy this final and most advanced level of Kindermusik.  We’ll continue developing our glockenspiel (pre-keyboard) skills, but also add in learning to play the ukulele, dulcimer, and recorder. 

We continue to infuse the joy and fun into our learning through singing, moving, playing games, exploring instruments, composing, and experiencing music of other cultures and time periods.   Level 5 culminates in a beautiful graduation, celebrating all that they have loved and learned even as these confident young musicians transition effortlessly into the next big step of taking music lessons.

young boy playing a flute

Discover the huge boost that Kindermusik for the Young Child will give your child!

In Level 5, your heart will sing as your budding young musician:

• Expands their abilities to play by ear, improvise, and compose

• Learns about musical steps and leaps, meter, and advanced rhythms

• Explores and experiences music from different cultures and musical eras

• Strengthens their glockenspiel skills

• Learns to play the ukulele, dulcimer, and recorder

• Is primed and ready for music lessons after Kindermusik graduation

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