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Customer Care Policies

Download our free guide to starting Kindermusik classes.

Download our free guide to starting Music Lessons.

If you need to pause or cancel your enrollment, please send us written notice prior to the 1st of the month. (If notice is received after the 1st of the month, the tuition for the current month will still be charged.)

Please send your written notice via our online form.

As always, we welcome your feedback and your questions. Your teacher will provide you with her phone number and email address, and you are encouraged to contact her regarding scheduling, student progress, or weekly assignments.

To contact our office, call 864.232.5010 or use our email form.

Register any time of the year! We are always happy to welcome new students to our PCS family! You may start lessons at any time of the year and pause enrollment as needed. We’ll gladly pro-rate tuition or schedule makeup classes if you start lessons or Kindermusik® classes partway through the month.

Once enrolled, we’ll keep you enrolled until you tell us you need to pause or withdraw. No need to constantly fill out forms to re-enroll. We want to keep things easy and convenient for you.

If you need to make a scheduling change, class change, or teacher change, just let us know via our web form, or by calling our office at 864-232-5010. We’re always glad to help.

Any weather closing information for PCS will be posted on WYFF-4’s weather closings and on our PCS Facebook pages, as well as confirmed via email.  Assume that we are remaining open for lessons or classes unless we announce differently or if your school (BJU, BJA, or CCES) is closed.

As always, your safety is our top concern. Please be safe and use your own discretion to decide when to travel based on conditions in your area or your driving route. 

No more missed lessons or Kindermusik classes for inclement weather!  If weather conditions are such that schools are canceled or we need to close our locations, we will teach any classes and lessons for that day online according to the regular schedule. 

Your monthly Kindermusik tuition is for everything that is included with enrollment here at PCS – a scheduled number of weekly classes throughout the year (including summer!), plus access to music, e-books, games, activities, and more in the Kindermusik app.

Every Kindermusik enrollment also includes unlimited makeup classes for as long as you are enrolled, referral rewards for you and your new-to-Kindermusik friend that you refer to us, and lots of other little extras throughout the year. 

You’ll enjoy small class sizes (up to 12 children), a structured curriculum that progresses your child from one level to the next, a close connection with your licensed Kindermusik educator, music and activities to take home with you, and making lots of new friends – for yourself and for your child!

Your Kindermusik tuition is automatically billed on the 5th of each month to your credit or debit card on file.

An Enrollment Fee is charged at the time of enrollment for new students and thereafter in September of each year for returning students. The annual Enrollment Fee is an all-inclusive admin fee that helps cover the costs of registration processing and bonus Home Materials.

Annual Kindermusik Enrollment Fees are $35 per student.  Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Providing for our students’ safety and being respectful of our teachers’ time is of utmost priority to us here at PCS. When your student’s lesson or class ends, our teachers are either moving on to teach the next lesson or heading home to their families or other responsibilities.

For these reasons, students must be picked up from their lesson or class promptly.  If you are dropping your child off, please plan to be back on site at least 5 minutes before the end of their class or lesson.

If one of our teachers has to wait with your child because your child is the last student to leave for the day, there will be a late pick-up fee charged to your account in order to compensate the teacher for their time and inconvenience in waiting with your child.  Repeated late pick-ups will require rescheduling of lesson or class times.


Late pick-up fees will be billed as follows:

  • From 5 to 15 minutes late for pick-up: A $25 fee will be charged to your account
  • From 15 to 30 minutes late for pick-up: A $40 fee will be charged to your account
  • From 30 to 60 minutes late for pick-up: A $60 fee will be charged to your account

If you know you are going to be late and your child has a cell phone, please text your child.  This will put their mind at ease.  It also means they can let the teacher know that you are on your way.

Please note that if a student is not picked up within 60 minutes after their lesson/class has ended and we cannot reach you or another contact, we will assume an emergency exists and contact local law enforcement.

School Year Missed Lesson Options
If you miss your group or private lesson during the school year, you may choose one of these options:

Option 1: Online Lesson
Prearrange with your teacher to take your lesson online at your regularly scheduled time.  At least 8 hours’ notice is required so that your teacher can prepare and coordinate ahead of time with you.

In-person lessons rescheduled as online lessons must take place at your regularly scheduled lesson time.

Option 2: Missed Lesson Assignment PLUS Group Musicianship Classes and Studio Performance Parties
Even when you miss a lesson, you will still benefit from your reserved lesson time.  If you do not attend your lesson, either in-person or online, your teacher will use your lesson time to create a Missed Lesson Assignment for you.

Your customized Missed Lesson Assignment will be saved in your Practice Space account or emailed to you so that you can continue making good progress and practice effectively.

In addition to receiving your Missed Lesson Assignment, you may also:

* Schedule to attend a Group Musicianship Class at our studio locations.  School location students may attend a Group Musicianship Class as a makeup for any missed lesson.  Studio location students may attend an additional Group Musicianship Class as a makeup.  Simply go online through the Parent Portal to schedule.

* Attend your teacher’s Studio Performance Parties.  This is an exclusive enrollment perk which not only gives students who have the same teacher a chance to get together, but it also provides every student with two extra classes a year – if you do not miss any lessons, these are bonus weeks!


Summer Lesson Missed Lesson Options
During the summer when we offer more scheduling flexibility, you may request to reschedule a lesson if you let your teacher know at least 24 hours in advance.

You may also request an online lesson if you give your teacher at least 8 hours’ notice. 

If you miss a scheduled lesson, your teacher will create a Missed Lesson Assignment for you.


Inclement Weather
At times of inclement weather, lessons will be taught online at your regularly scheduled lesson time.


Teacher Absence
Lessons cancelled due to teacher absence will be made up with a makeup lesson.  Except in cases of teacher absence, we do not teach makeup lessons.

Practice requirements and goals will vary according to teacher assignments and student levels. Students taking instrumental lessons need an instrument in the home on which to practice.

Tuition (and any book fees) are automatically billed on the 5th of each month to your credit or debit card on file.

Your monthly tuition is for everything that is included with enrollment here at PCS — a scheduled number of weekly lessons for the year plus all of the special events, contests, awards program, and recitals planned for our students. And then of course, there’s also all the love, time, and effort your teacher puts in as well!

An Enrollment Fee is charged at the time of enrollment for new students and thereafter in September of each year for returning students. The annual Enrollment Fee is an all-inclusive fee that covers various recital and performance events fees as well as registration processing.

Annual Enrollment Fees are $58 for school-age students and $20 for adult students.  Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Enrollment Fees are pro-rated for new enrollments starting from January – April and from May – July.

Students taking instrumental or vocal lessons can expect about $55-85 of music expenses throughout the year. Notification of bills for music or extra supplies is sent by your lesson teacher as needed. These book and supplies fees will be applied to your account and charged at the same time as the current month’s payment.

Parental support is crucial to the success of each student. To keep parents informed, we regularly communicate via email or flyers. Students in vocal or instrumental lessons also have an assignment notebook to facilitate communication between studio and home.

With flexible scheduling and choices about how many lessons you’d like to take over the summer, it’s easy and convenient for you to start lessons as a new PCS student or to continue to make great progress as a current student in the summer. 

Based on the type of lessons and the number of lessons you choose for the summer, summer tuition is billed monthly in equal tuition payments, no matter how your lessons scheduled throughout the summer.  This allows for billing consistency but also give you maximum flexibility in scheduling.

Your teacher will reserve a spot for you in her schedule for the weeks that you choose.  Should you need to make a change or reschedule a lesson, all we require is 24 hours’ advance notice. Rescheduling is subject to availability in your teacher’s schedule.

Cancellations made within less than 24 hours or no-shows cannot be rescheduled or made up.  Credit cannot be given for missed or unscheduled lessons. 

We do not teach makeup lessons except in case of cancellation for teacher absence.

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