Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are the heart and soul of our program at Piano Central Studios. It all starts by listening and learning about your musical interests and matching you with a teacher that best fits your personality and goals. Then they customize their teaching to best meet YOUR learning style, abilities, and interests.

The teachers at PCS are highly qualified — years of teaching experience, music degrees, various credentials, and ongoing professional development. In our minds, the most important quality of our teachers is that they are passionate about teaching music and making a difference in the lives of their students. We love what we do at PCS, and it shows!

Studio Locations

Vashti Baluch

Dr. Carol Baskins

Simone Beach

Aubree Boggs

Janene Brackbill

Shannon Bryan

Emma Campbell

Karen Egger

Jen Gerber

Carl Gibson

Katie Klipp

Amanda Moore

Deb Olson

Rachel Palm

Robert Parrish

Melody Rogers

Rebekah Rollins

Joy Sehested

Karen Simmons

Oksana Sivova

Mary Stark

JoAnna Stevens

Kimberlee Turnbough

Sonia Whitehead

Licensed Kindermusik Educators

Theresa Case

Anna Burgess

Kana McDaniel

Rebekah Rollins

PCS Strings & Piano Program at CCES

Emma Campbell

Jen Gerber

Christina Goshorn

Teata Jones

PCS Music Artistry at BJU

Steve Allen

Ruth Coleman

Dr. Bruce Cox

Donna Crawford

Derek Eilert

Jen Gerber

Rebeca Hornor

Paul Jantz

Gina League

Daniel Leedy

Brittany Leonard

Gwen Paquette

Karen Simmons

Rebecca Stefoff

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