Level 1: 0s 1s and 2s Music Classes in Greenville, SC

In Level 1

you'll learn...

… all the songs, fingerplays, and dances you need, but we’ll also give you the time to settle in and cherish each moment. You and your child will find new friends, learn new songs, and make a lifetime of memories together in this special parent-child class.

All of the delightful musical activities you’ll learn and enjoy together in Kindermusik will stimulate your young child’s developing brain, nourish that little heart, create a closer bond with you, and help your child thrive.

The window for learning is open the widest in these early years, and there’s no better way for you to nurture an early love of music and learning than in our Level 1 “mommy and me class.”

mommy and me class

Enjoy sweet times together nurturing your child’s heart and mind with music!

Take your first musical steps together in Level 1:

Tap into your child’s natural love of music

Explore and experience basic musical concepts together

Open your child’s heart and mind to music and learning

Be together, play together, and make new friends together

Learn “what to watch for” every step of the way

Linger in the sweet, fleeting moments of their first two years

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