Level 2: 2s and 3s Music Classes in Greenville, SC

In Level 2

you'll enjoy...

… music for dancing, songs for singing, and lullabies for cuddling – along with insights into your child’s heart and mind. Together you’ll actively explore, creatively engage, and joyfully discover musical concepts as we also support your child in learning to imagine, focus, follow directions, and listen – skills they’ll need in school and for life.

You’ll delight in moments filled with laughter, musical discoveries, new-found confidence, and time together. At a stage that can be all-too-easy to rush through, you’ll find a haven in Kindermusik where you can slow down and share something you’ll both treasure for a long time to come – a love and interest in music.

teacher playing with a toddler

Discover how much you will learn and share together in Level 2!

Take big steps together in Level 2:

• Enjoy special time together in class with your child

• Keep the beat with new instruments

• Foster creativity with instrument play, singing, and moving

• Support their blossoming independence and self-confidence

• Enhance expressive language development

• Practice social skills like sharing, empathy, and turn-taking

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