Level 3: 3s and 4s Music Classes in Greenville, SC

In Level 3

you'll watch...

… your preschooler fall more and more in love with music in classes where we incorporate their ideas to explore big exciting musical terms, create an ensemble, use multiple instruments, sing a newly “made up” verse to a song, or set off on an all-new adventure of pretend play.

At this formative age, your preschooler is primed and ready to learn more abstract musical concepts through activities that also tap into your child’s creative spirit, boundless energy, and natural love of music.   You’ll be amazed at how much your child will grow and learn through listening, singing, storytelling, literacy, instruments, and pretend play activities.

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Give your preschooler that extra boost and watch him shine in Kindermusik!

In Level 3, watch how your child will:

• Delight in creative musical ensemble activities

• Practice independence and inhibitory control

• Learn new, expanded musical terms

• Develop their singing voices and an ability to match pitch

• Practice listening, following directions, and working together

• Thrive in classes filled with musical play and imagination

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