Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Kindermusik Classes

As the school year comes to a close and the hot and sunny days of summer approach, you are probably thinking ahead to what activities you’ll do with your child this summer.  We’d like to suggest Kindermusik!

With weekly classes, unlimited makeup classes while you’re enrolled, and a cool place to enjoy a delightful indoor activity together, here are some great reasons why you will want to consider Kindermusik classes this summer for your child – from newborn to age 7.  From Level 1 to Level 5, there are new things to learn and age-appropriate challenges to enjoy every step of the way.

You’ll both have something to look forward to each week

There’s no better way to fill up your child’s summer than with the imaginative activities and captivating music of Kindermusik!  Parents often tell us that their child wakes up asking if it’s their Kindermusik day.  Classes are fun to participate in for kids and adults besides inspiring the best kind of “together time” in class and at home.

You’ll can enrich your child’s social development

Kindermusik is more than just music; it’s a vibrant community where you will bond and grow closer together with each other and with the others in your class. By participating in a group music class like Kindermusik, your child will increase their social skills, develop a sense of cooperation, and learn the sweet meaning of friendship.

You’ll add a predictable routine to your summer

Having a steady and predictable routine can go a long way in making your child feel safe and secure, especially in the summertime when schedules can become less structured. The benefits of routines for young children are numerous, including improving sleep patterns, providing a framework for cognitive development, fostering emotional well-being, and reducing the potential for power struggles.

You’ll have new music to take with you wherever you go

Once you are enrolled, you’ll have access to all of your class music at the touch of a button in the Kindermusik app.  We’ll let you know which albums to focus on based on what units we are featuring each month, but since all albums are available for the Kindermusik class level in which you are enrolled, you always have something new to listen to – at home and on the go.

You’ll meet new friends and make special memories together

The summer is a wonderful time to reconnect with friends you know as well as to meet new and friendly faces for both you and your child. Not only that, but our Kindermusik classes provide the perfect opportunity to put those budding social skills into practice. There’s nothing better than spending the summer forming friendships and making special memories that will last long after summer is over!

You’ll be planting the seeds of a lifelong love for music

Early childhood music classes play a vital role in inspiring a lifelong love of music.  Specifically, your child’s time in Kindermusik will given them a nurturing and stimulating environment that exposes them to music, encourages their active participation in learning and making music, inspires their creativity, and fosters a sense of enjoyment and strong emotional connection to music.

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