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Recently, we sat down with one of our fantastic Kindermusik parents, Sara Robb, to learn about her experience with our Kindermusik program.

Here’s our interview! 

Hello Sara! Tell us a little bit about your family.

Hello! I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom of two boys: Athens is 5 and Ash is 3. We are homeschooling a mix of preschool and kindergarten and having so much fun! 

I’m also an epidemiologist. I have a masters and doctorate in epidemiology from the University of South Carolina.

I was working full time but I stepped back from that when I got pregnant with my oldest. Currently, I’m lucky to teach as an adjunct professor at Clemson University. I teach 1-2 courses per semester. I do that in the evenings and do my work on Mondays when the boys are at Grandma’s house!

That’s our little life. Never a dull moment!

So are both Athens and Ash in Kindermusik? How long have they been in the Kindermusik program? 

Athens started when he turned 2 and Ash started about the same time. They’ve been with Ms. Theresa from the beginning. They’re currently doing virtual classes but Athens was attending in-person classes when he started. 

What led you to enroll your kids in the Kindermusik program? 

I did Kindermusik with my mom when I was a little girl and I still remember going to evening classes and playing the glockenspiel. From there I went on to take piano lessons for 11 years as did my brother. Music has always been a big part of my life. I knew it was something that I wanted my kids to experience as well. 

My brother has older kids and they did Kindermusik in Greenville with Ms. Theresa when they were small. During those years, my sister-in-law reminded me on and off how important that would be for our kids one day. I knew it was important for development and socialization too. It was on my radar to get them involved. 

What are some of the biggest benefits your kids have experienced in the Kindermusik program? What have you noticed?

I have so many answers to that question!

I see them learning to love music and finding joy and happiness whether it be in virtual or in-person classes. In our car, we play our Kindermusik CDs on repeat! The music brings so much joy and they know the songs by heart—it’s a joy to hear them sing along! I think simply the love of music is so important. What they are learning and experiencing in Kindermusik provides a solid foundation for their futures too.

Athens just started the Level 4 class and he’s learning so much about notes and reading music. For Ash, when he first started Kindermusik, he was still learning language and some of his first words were words that were in the songs Ms. Theresa sang or in the stories she read. Seeing him incorporate those words into his playtime outside of class was so rewarding and exciting. It helped him increase his vocabulary. 

The last thing that comes to mind is that both of my kids are quite introverted and Kindermusik with Ms. Theresa has been a consistent safe space outside of home to learn and grow and be around other children in varying capacities. Having a safe and loving place for accomplishing those milestones—like being away from me for short periods of time in class—that’s been huge for us!

Do you think kids get the same benefits from virtual instruction as in-person classes?

Athens started Kindermusik in-person and Ash started virtually. This summer they did a few in-person classes and then we reverted back to virtual. We have experienced it all. When COVID-19 first started, Kindermusik was largely what held us together. Even when so much had changed, we still had our virtual classes on the calendar. It was so important for us, especially during such a challenging time. It was really something that held us together as a family. 

I think that they do a tremendous job in the virtual setting and I’m so grateful the studio has continuously had the health of our children as a priority throughout the pandemic. It’s so hard for them to have students both in class and in the virtual setting but they work very hard to make the virtual students feel included, engaged and loved. They make sure they peek in on the Zoom and make sure we have the equipment we need. It’s definitely different and, as the primary caregiver, you have to work a bit harder to keep your own kids engaged in a virtual setting but I’m so glad we can do it. They’re still hitting those developmental milestones, we still have a lot of fun and it’s brought us closer as a family. We sit and make music together. There’s something really special about that. 

If you were talking to a parent who was considering Kindermusik or who wanted to find something to help their children grow, develop and hit those milestones, what would you tell them about Kindermusik? 

I think I’d reiterate some of the things we talked about: It’s so fun for the kids and they don’t even know they’re learning! They learn to love music. Kids look forward to going and, as parents, it’s fun to see that and know that they’re developing and reaching their full potential. Also, it’s a great bonding opportunity for parents and children and that’s one of the most important things. To be able to go to class with them and sit by them…the tools and games and songs…It’s so rewarding to see your kids take to it. They have fun! It’s definitely worth at least trying. It’s a great place for them to make friends outside of the family and it’s a great place to start that socialization when they’re little. 

I so appreciate your time and willingness to sit down for this chat!

No problem. Thank you so much!


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