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Most people have a general sense that taking music lessons is beneficial, and that’s why so many parents sign their child up for lessons.  It’s like a rite of passage during the school-age years.  But have you ever wondered how taking music lessons can benefit you now and also later in life? Learning a musical instrument not only develops a skill, but along the way it unlocks a whole treasure-trove of benefits that extend far beyond what you might expect.

For nearly 50 years now here at Piano Central Studios, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits of music education, starting in the earliest years with our Kindermusik classes for babies to big kids and continuing on with music lessons for school-age students to adult students in their 80’s.  The wide span of ages that our program reaches (and teaches!) is the best affirmation of our mission which is nurturing hearts and minds with music making for life!

Here are eight of our favorite benefits of taking music lessons:

#1 – Cultivating Responsibility

Diving into the world of music means your child becomes a dedicated learner through regular, consistent practice. This commitment fosters a sense of responsibility as they learn the ropes of caring for their instrument and meeting their musical milestones.

#2 – Enhancing Emotional Expression 

Singing or playing an instrument serves as an outlet for emotional expression. Students who learn to express themselves through their instrument build emotional resilience as they use their music to help navigate a whole range of feelings.  As a result, they have a tool that helps them better cope with life’s challenges.

#3 – Building Confidence

Mastering the art of playing an instrument is a confidence booster. The rewards of persistence, patience, and hard work pay off in a big way as students gain musical skill and develop self-confidence to perform on stage or even share their music informally with others.

#4 – Developing Coordination

Learning an instrument enhances coordination between hands, fingers, and sometimes even the feet. This improves hand-eye coordination and enhances cognitive development through concentration and problem-solving skills.

#5 – Fostering Self-Discipline

In the pursuit of growing and improving as a musician, regular practice and progress become a normal rhythm of life. Consistent effort is rewarded not just in the weekly lessons, but also in developing self-discipline in everyday life.

#6 – Improving Cognitive Function

The process of learning to sing or play an instrument naturally improves cognitive functions because it taps into both sides of the brain and boosts the brain’s executive functioning abilities.  Even abilities like recalling information and memorizing effectively are enhanced when studying music.  Learning music stimulates various parts of the brain, contributing to overall cognitive development.

#7 – Deepening Focus and Concentration

Playing an instrument demands concentration and focus. As they sing or play, students learn to shut out distractions, immersing themselves in the music, thereby positively impacting their ability to concentrate on tasks in various areas of life.

#8 – Building Resilience

The journey of learning an instrument is marked by setbacks and challenges, cultivating resilience and perseverance by doing “hard things,” overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals.  With the encouragement of the right teacher, students of all ages thrive with a “can do” spirit and positive attitude that makes them more resilient in all areas of life.

In a world filled with so many different ways to spend your time, taking music lessons is one choice you will not regret – for your child or for yourself.  That’s because developing a love of music through learning to sing or play an instrument provides students of all ages with a whole host of life-changing benefits that improve mental health, cognitive function, and emotional well-being, just to name a few.

Here at Piano Central Studios, you’ll often hear us say that nothing delights us more than taking students from where they are to wherever they want to be musically.  We take great joy in customizing that learning path for each and every one of our students and keeping them motivated and enjoying their music learning experience every step of the way!

January 9, 2024
Category: Benefits
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