young girl playing violin on the stage

With teachers putting programs together, recital dates being marked on the calendars and PCS students practicing hard to finish learning recital pieces, all the signs of quickly approaching recitals are becoming more apparent! An important part of recitals, however, is being aware of proper recital etiquette. This etiquette applies not only to the audience but to the performers as well! Here at Piano Central Studios, we want to strive to provide students (and their families) with as well rounded musical education as possible, including how to act and behave during a concert—whether they are the performers or the audience!

For the student

  • While the formal dress is not required for PCS recitals, students should dress nicely for his/her recital. Students being professionally dressed (or following the recital theme) shows respect for the audience, the teacher and themselves!
  • Students should walk confidently up to the piano, not run. Especially with younger students that are nervous, this can seem like an impossible feat!
  • Before playing and after finishing, students must take a bow. Taking a bow is a way for students to tell their audience “Thank You.” To take a proper bow, a student stands in front of the piano, keeps both hands at his/her side and bows at the waist—making sure to keep the head down. A good rule of thumb is to focus on looking at the floor for a couple of seconds! 
  • After bowing, students should sit down, make sure that the bench is adjusted properly for them and then take a few deep breaths before starting their piece.
  • Should a student make a mistake while performing, he or she should try to continue playing without starting over or repeating. This makes sufficient practice prior to the recital very Very VERY important!

For the audience

  • The audience should clap as students walk up and after they finish their pieces.
  • All electronic devices should be turned off out of respect for the performers. Any electronic noises can prove to be extremely distracting to performers, especially younger ones.
  • All parents want to have pictures of their children playing, but it is impolite to other audience members and potentially distracting for the child as well to use flash photography. While video can be taken (provided it is not blocking the view of others) during the performance, all-flash photography should be taken after the recital has finished.
  • Audience members should show respect to all performers by being as quiet as possible while they are playing, listening attentively and clapping both before and after!

Final Advice:

To the performers: Remember that the audience is there for your support! They are all there cheering you on and wishing you the best! So, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy playing the piece you have worked so hard on to learn!

To the audience: Please be the best support group possible for these students! They greatly appreciate your enthusiastic clapping and attentive listening! Show them that you care and that you are proud of their work!

January 28, 2020
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