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The benefits of music are abundant. You’ve likely heard the idea that listening to or playing classical music can make you smarter. Certainly we’ve all felt the joy of singing along to our favorite song in the car or witnessed the calming effect a lullaby can have on a baby. 

From stress relief to boosting cognitive function to simply making us happier, singing or playing a musical instrument can improve our lives immensely. Here are just a few of the ways that playing music benefits us throughout the various stages of life.

The Benefits of Kindermusik Classes and Music Lessons for Children

Learning to play music from a young age can offer big benefits to children. Kindermusik classes for infants, preschoolers, and big kids and music lessons for school-age children can

  • Support brain development. Music lessons can help children learn pattern recognition, improve memory, and develop the part of the brain responsible for literacy. This, in turn, helps build language and math skills, boost reading comprehension, and improve test scores.
  • Teach social skills and teamwork. Playing music with a group of other children teaches kids to communicate effectively and work together toward common goals. They learn to treat one another with patience, kindness, and encouragement.
  • Support healthy muscle development and motor skills. Playing a musical instrument involves the whole body. In learning to coordinate hand and finger movements (as well as foot movements, in some cases), children develop strength and coordination.
  • Increase discipline and resilience. Learning to play an instrument takes practice, practice, and more practice! This teaches kids to keep trying, working at something until they see improvement, even when it’s a struggle.
  • Boost self-esteem. When they learn to play an instrument, children gain a sense of achievement from reaching their goals through hard work and patience. When a child finally “gets” something after much practice, they feel pride in their accomplishments.

The Benefits of Music Lessons for Adults 

Children aren’t the only ones who benefit from music lessons. Learning to play a musical instrument can provide significant benefits for adults as well, such as:

  • Lower stress and lift mood. Music has a powerful effect on our psyches. Playing music can help counteract the effects of stress, reduce feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression, and increase happiness. 
  • Improve memory. Playing an instrument forces the brain to focus and requires  you to learn and memorize patterns. Doing this consistently can help improve your overall memory.
  • Support good physical health. Some studies show that music can reduce heart and respiratory rates and lower blood pressure, contributing to better overall physical health.
  • Improve job performance. Learning to play an instrument teaches discipline, task management, and teamwork. This can help improve your ability to solve problems, manage job tasks, and work more effectively with your colleagues.

How Playing Music Benefits Seniors

Well into the elderly years, playing music can offer a wide array of benefits. It can even help offset some of the effects of aging! Music lessons for senior citizens can:

  • Support cognitive health. When you play music, several areas of your brain are engaged. It promotes concentration and exercises your perception and thinking skills. Music lessons can improve memory, verbal fluency, information processing, and planning abilities, among other cognitive functions.
  • Strengthen motor skills. Playing music can involve the use of your hands, fingers, feet, and/or voice. Reading and interpreting the notes on the page, then transferring them to your instrument, requires coordination and strengthens motor skills.
  • Build social connection. Taking music lessons offers the opportunity to meet new people. Whether it’s the instructor themselves or a group of other musicians, learning to play music can help build connections and reduce loneliness.
  • Build self-confidence. Just as it does in children, learning to play an instrument can build confidence in seniors. Learning to play a piece of music — especially when it’s challenging — elicits a sense of accomplishment and pride in students of all ages.

Give the Gift of No Regrets This Holiday Season With a Little Help From Piano Central Studios

Taking music lessons and learning to sing or play an instrument can truly offer powerful, life-changing benefits to people of any age. 

In our 40+ years in business here at Piano Central Studios, the two biggest regrets people have expressed to us over and over again are:

  • They wish they had taken music lessons.
  • They wish they had never quit taking music lessons.

Luckily, it’s never too late to begin again. With adult music lessons, you can trade that regret for a satisfying and fulfilling hobby you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

And parents, you’ll never regret the extra time spent bonding and building memories with your child or giving your child the early advantage that only music classes can offer.

Students at Piano Central Studios love their lessons (and stick with them!) because they experience a warm and nurturing environment, a customized learning experience, apps, performances, awards programs, and more! They find that their experience at PCS keeps them motivated and excited about learning. 

At PCS, you’ll experience all of the wonderful benefits that music lessons have to offer as you fall in love with taking music lessons…for the first time, or all over again!

Take advantage of the benefits of playing music for yourself or your child by getting started with Kindermusik classes or music lessons at Piano Central Studios today. We promise, you won’t have any regrets!


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