Girl practicing guitar for guitar lessons

Here are our five best tips for incorporating home practice into your new routines.

  1. Set aside time each day that will always be “music practice time”. 
  • Post a schedule on your fridge and stick to it as best you can. Your children will appreciate a predictable routine right now. Practice is more likely to happen if it takes place at the same time each day.
  • Consider practicing in the morning as your children will be fresh and free from other distractions that will inevitably happen over the course of a day.
  1. Try to be present during your children’s practice, even if you are just listening.
  • Depending on age, your children may need basic assistance (organizing materials, reading their assignments, troubleshooting) or they may simply appreciate your physical presence in the room.
  • Sit and have your morning cup of coffee as your children make music. You’ll likely look forward to this “break from reality” too!
  1. Keep your music practice area free from distractions.
  • For learning to sing or play an instrument to become a happy reprieve, turn off the TV, remove younger siblings or pets and make the practice space welcoming.
  • Be sure to declutter and organize materials so they are easily at hand.
  • Your children may also enjoy taking on the project of creating a “music practice nest” (making their piano area cozy and welcoming).
  1. Be encouraging and positive about your children’s attempts at learning to sing or play an instrument. 
  • Don’t worry about fixing mistakes you may hear and instead be a cheerleader to your children’s learning efforts. Mistakes can be easily fixed, and your teacher will help with that in the lesson. Just focus should be on being enthusiastic about the learning process.
  1. Provide “reasons” for your children to practice.
  • Family members who are not in physical contact with you right now would LOVE to have recorded performances or live FaceTime performances of your children’s music-making. Prepping for any sort of performance can be very motivating to children.
  • Consider a special incentive or “reward” for practice consistently done.-Adapted from an article originally posted by our friends at Teach Piano Today
March 19, 2020
Category: Practice
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