Girl practicing guitar for guitar lessons
March 19, 2020 | Practice

5 Tips for Incorporating Home Practice into Your New Routines

Here are our five best tips for incorporating home practice into your new routines. Set aside time each day that will always be “music practice time”.  Post a schedule on your fridge and stick to it as best you can. Your children will appreciate a predictable routine right now. Practice is more likely to happen if it takes place at the same time each ...

young girl playing violin
January 28, 2020 | Good Habits

10 Things to do Before Starting Piano

Ever wonder what you should do before your child starts piano lessons? For the parent coming from a non-musical background, this can be a completely new world. To clear things up and keep it simple, here is a list of 9 things to do BEFORE your child starts lessons this fall. 1. Purchase an Instrument Whether you choose an acoustic or digital piano, h ...

young girl playing violin on the stage
January 28, 2020 | Good Habits

In’s and Out’s of Recital Etiquette

With teachers putting programs together, recital dates being marked on the calendars and PCS students practicing hard to finish learning recital pieces, all the signs of quickly approaching recitals are becoming more apparent! An important part of recitals, however, is being aware of proper recital etiquette. This etiquette applies not only to the ...

January 28, 2020 | Good Habits

Don’t Dread those Piano Scales

Practicing scales brings a host of thoughts and feelings to mind for any pianist. For some it’s enjoyable, for others not so much–frustration and annoyance better describes their personal opinion. No matter which camp you find yourself, there’s always room to change things up and introduce a new aid into your scale practice routine. PDF Scale Diagra ...

young asian kid playing violin
January 28, 2020 | Good Habits

Do’s and Don’ts of Recital Preparation

The night before your recital, particularly if you tend to have performance anxiety, can be a rather nerve-wracking evening. What are some ways to help prepare yourself for the performance? Check out the following do’s and don’ts as you look forward to the big day: Do Not… Stay up late with friends, watching movies, reading books, talking, etc. You d ...

January 28, 2020 | Good Habits

12 Reasons Why Recitals Are So Important

Some great insights from our friends at Teach Piano Today … 1.  Recitals provide a tangible goal to work towards. In having a set date and a pre-planned performance selection, your child learns how to manage their practice time and what it feels like to polish and perfect a piece. 2.  Recitals provide an opportunity to feel successful. Learning the pi ...

Little girl playing the piano

Partners in Progress: Creating a Practice Nest

Consider two different places in your mind. The first place is a room that’s dark, small, and lonely. It’s a place that is cluttered with all different kinds of things with little space to even think or focus. Now imagine a room that is well-light with maybe some natural light, and spacious for not only you but some friends as well. It’s also well ...

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