July 12, 2022 | Introduction

Why Choose Kindermusik

There are many reasons why parents choose to enroll their child in a program like Kindermusik.  Some want an activity they can do together away from home.  Some want a social outlet – for themselves and for their child.  Some want to nurture and develop what will likely become a lifelong love – a love of music.  Other parents want to gi ...

music students group class settings
June 14, 2022 | Introduction

Why Beginning Music Students Thrive in Group Class Settings

There are several ways young people learn across many disciplines, and the realm of music is no exception. Among the formats that have shown the greatest success for younger beginning students is the group class setting. While some students may be ready to jump into private musical instruction at age 6, most beginners excel and progress faster in sm ...

young girl playing violin
January 28, 2020 | Good Habits

10 Things to do Before Starting Piano

Ever wonder what you should do before your child starts piano lessons? For the parent coming from a non-musical background, this can be a completely new world. To clear things up and keep it simple, here is a list of 9 things to do BEFORE your child starts lessons this fall. 1. Purchase an Instrument Whether you choose an acoustic or digital piano, h ...

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