November 29, 2021 | Musical Gift Ideas

Our Top Musical Gift Recommendations

Needing some musical gift ideas they’ll LOVE? Whether you’re interested in buying a Gift Certificate for Kindermusik classes or Music Lessons here at PCS, or you’re looking for music-themed gift ideas, this post with our top musical gift recommendations is for you! We’re also including links to a few of our beloved favorites t ...

mature woman playing the guitar
November 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

How Playing Music Benefits Us at Every Stage of Life

The benefits of music are abundant. You’ve likely heard the idea that listening to or playing classical music can make you smarter. Certainly we’ve all felt the joy of singing along to our favorite song in the car or witnessed the calming effect a lullaby can have on a baby.  From stress relief to boosting cognitive function to simply making us happ ...

November 1, 2021 | Voice Lessons

The Fascinating Facts Behind Voice Lessons

When considering taking music lessons, either for your child or yourself, there are many instruments to choose from. From piano, violin, guitar, flute…the list goes on! These are all fantastic instruments to learn, with unique challenges and nuances. However, the human voice is one instrument that is completely set apart from the rest and offe ...

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